Amber Light


S-Bahnhof Schöneberg, Berlin


“Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.” 
― Kurt Vonnegut

I made this picture when I was changing trains and was immediately caught by the amber light that shone through the station windows. No one else seemed to be as stunned by its beauty as I was, nearly everybody was just looking  on their phones…

This all reminded me very much of the quote by Kurt Vonnegut that you´ve just read and I knew, a pair was born… 🙂

Next time you find yourself waiting for something, be it a train or a bus or whatever, try to use your phone to make a picture of your surroundings instead of checking your mails – given that the conditions are suitable 😉

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

65 thoughts on “Amber Light

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment and compliment, Iris! 🙂
      It seems the subject of interaction gets more important by the day and the more our technology becomes “smart”. Maybe it would be better if a phone would have simply remained a phone and we would have become smarter instead… Sigh, I could rant on about this for hours, sorry! 😉 xxx

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    1. You´re absolutely right! And unfortunately
      I haven´t had the opportunity yet to see that particular train station but now it´s definitely on my list! 🙂
      I´m very much interested in art, trying to make it myself, you know 😉 Will have a look at your art blog soon! Thanks!
      Have a very lovely day!
      Sarah 🙂

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  1. So true, Sarah. Technology is a good thing in some ways, but it does impact the ability of people to interact with each other and with nature. However, such beautiful light would attract the eye of an astute artist :D. Great photo!

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    1. Thank you very much, L. T. ! 😄
      I don’t give up hope yet that people will come around someday and willingly detach themself a bit again from the tight grasp of technology. What us humans defines more than anything else is indeed our personal interaction with each other, isn’t it?
      Have a lovely weekend! 😄😚

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  2. Wow! Just wow. This is a beautiful shot, and I love the way your paired it with the Vonnegut quote. It’s sad how often people miss the beauty that’s all around us, in unexpected, everyday places.

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    1. Thank you very much, Su! 😄 To be honest, I was equally impressed by it 😉 It seems I’m improving on my picture taking skills! With this one I didn’t even had to use any editing at all!
      If we are not able to see the beauty in the small things surrounding us, life would be very dull I secretly think. Since we don’t stand on top of Everest Mountain everyday or scubadive in tropic seas 😉

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      1. That’s a really good philosophy Sarah. I feel sometimes that people are so busy saving for “the big holiday” so they can take endless selfies at “cool” locations, they are not only blind to the everyday. The danger of course is, that if we don’t appreciate our environment we don’t look after it. Oh dear, another little Su rant. Sorry 🙂
        It is a breathtaking photo. I’d want to enlarge it and hang it on the wall.

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      2. TO be honest, I love your “rants” as they reflect perfectly thoughts 😀
        Oh, yes, those selfie makers and their holidays… they spent much more time staring into their phone´s cameras than in looking around and enjoy wherever they are. I did two trips without bringing a camera with me and have so many clearer memories from that than from other trips. But I did ask my friends for copies afterwards 😉
        Thank you again for liking my photo so much, Su! If you like, I can send you the original file via email (about 5 or 6MB), than you could make a print from that…? 🙂 xxxxx

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      3. I find the thought of travelling without my camera kind of scary, but I do understand what you mean. I sometimes come home from somewhere I’ve been photographing and realise I probably missed more than I “captured.” Perhaps I should try going cold-turkey on a short trip first!

        I would love to have a print of your photo; it would feel very precious. I think it would need to be quite a big print and I know that right now I don’t have anywhere to hang it. Can I reserve the right to ask you about it again when I get out of this house (which is starting to just feel like a show home) and into my next home?
        xxxxxxx 🙂

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      4. It’s definitely not easy to let the camera at home but it was really worth it both times I did. But maybe you’re right, better to start with short trips 😉
        You can absolutely reserve the right to ask me again for that picture, it would be my pleasure! 😄 Living in a showhouse must be quite difficult. Can’t imagine doing it myself – creative chaos etc. 😉

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      5. Absolutely. Actually I should get the Big T to invent something. He is obsessing about a roof-cleaning tool at the moment because we have lichen on the roof of the house and it’s impossible to get off with water and/or chemicals. We were talking about it last night and ended up imagining cleaning drones with scrubbing brushes and cameras for directing them where to go … it all got a bit silly in the end.

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      6. Hahaha! Thank you for making me laugh, Su! I would so love to see these drones in action, and I´m sure you would get rich if you bring them on the market! It´s often the silly ideas that actually lead to something… 🙂

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      1. That’ll be British influence in the EU, dragging everyone down to our abysmal level. You’ll be glad to see the back of us 🙂

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