Autumn is here

A tree with squirrels

Tree with squirrels (water color on paper; Oct. 2018)

Autumn is here.

Today it´s cold and windy – no, make that stormy what with wind forces up around 5 and 6 – and the tip of my nose resisted warming up no matter how many cups of hot tea I drank whilst painting this little water color of a tree this morning.

The trees are thinning much faster this year, no doubt due to that awful dry summer we had. So I took the liberty to add a few more leaves to the foliage. 😉

As usual, the squirrels are very busy gathering enough nuts for the cold months to come, and I give my best to help them by lavishly handing out walnuts and hazelnuts in my near-by park.

71 thoughts on “Autumn is here

  1. Such a beautiful painting Sarah. It looks as if you painted the maple tree in front of my house. It is also the refuge of some squirrels. My son has almost tamed one. Sometimes, this gray squirrel with a distinctive tail comes on our balcony to get his treats. It’s so cute.

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    • Thank you so much, Dominique! How wonderful that your son is good friends with the squirrels in your maple tree! They really can be tamed to some degree, it just takes time, patience and lots of nuts! 😁 But once they are used to their daily treats it’s important to keep it up, otherwise they will simply venture into your home to look for them themselves!! So take care. 😉 xoxoxo

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  2. Your tree is just beautiful, Sarah, and I love the squirrels, too. I love Autumn, but sadly, it’s been so warm still here. Even the plants and flowers are confused. The morning and evenings are cold, but the days heat up. Ugh! I’m so ready for a temperature change. 🙂 Love and hugs, my friend ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Lauren! I´ve heard that a lot recently about the weather and plants and flowers being confused all over the world. It´s been unusually warm the first half of October but then it got far too cold. Now it´s settled somewhere in between and I hope it will stay that way as I´m not good with the cold – or the heat! LOL! 😀 Have a lovely rest of the week! Hugs and love! xoxo ❤


  3. Oooh, you are so sweet to think of the animals and to help them with their winter stash! I thought of you particularly this morning as I was writing my post, and included links to some of your posts. You continue to inspire me with the things you do and I am all the better for knowing you, Sarah!

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    • Aww – thanks so much for your lovely words, Ju-Lyn, it’s wonderful friends like you who inspire to keep creating and sharing! Without you all I might have stopped a long time ago. 😄❤


  4. I love this! The squirrel is the cutest ever. You have captured the feel and colors of fall beautifully! Its brings so much joy to give the squirrels something extra while they are harvesting for the upcoming winter. We are becoming leaf bare, too. Such a beautiful finale this year. Hugs! 😊💗

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    • Thanks so much, Jacqui! I’m glad it reminded you of that tree you painted yourself, maybe next time you’ll pick up a brush and some water colors, it’s a lot of fun. 😉


  5. I’m always happy to discover another respecter of squirrels. They get a bad rap I think. Busy little guys. Like North American monkeys in my trees. So fun to watch. The painting is delightful.

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    • I think that title belongs to a friend of mine, Paul, he really goes there every day and keeps them in good fodder whereas I only go every so often. 😀 But I like to think we´re good friends, the squirrels and I. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Peter! It´s a real joy watching these little squirrels going about their business and I´ve been itching to paint my little furry friends for years now but never found the time – yay to a rainy day! 😀

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  6. What a beautiful autumn tree, Sarah. The color explodes from the leaves. I like the squirrels scampering around it. We have very few squirrels in our neighborhood, actually very few in Southern California. But for a few months last winter, a squirrel scrambled in our staghorn fern. I couldn’t figure out why as the plant produces no seeds or nuts. Then the critter disappeared and I found I missed him. Maybe he’ll (she’ll?) return this winter.

    BTW, you may not know what a staghorn fern is, as they might not be common in Germany. They are epiphytes, plants that will attach themselves to surfaces like trees or fences, and grow in crazy profusion of giant leaves. They aren’t parasites as they take no nourishment from their host, but only use it as a foundation. We have three in our yard, each about the size of a stove.

    Are you also working with your kiln?

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    • Thanks so much, Shari! Most trees in my neighborhood already lost most of their leaves so it´s nice to have this painting around and pretend. 😉
      And I hope your squirrel will return this winter, and if it does, maybe you´ll want to feed it with some peanuts? They really like those and don´t mind if you don´t keep a regular feeding schedule which would be counter productive anyway since I think wild animals should remain so and those nuts I give them are just a little bonus. 😉
      And I just had a little look at those stag horn ferns – they look amazing!!
      And how do you know that I´m actually busy again filling that kiln of mine? 😉 I´ve been making clay leaves with the kids last week – very easy to do but nevertheless very satisfying: you just roll out some clay and put a tree leave on it, press some more, cut around and bend up the edges – et voila: a little bowl! 🙂

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