Ghostly Image – Love

Ghostly image love
Ghostly Image – Love (acrylic on canvas)



My latest ghostly image “Love” has been inspired by a wonderful short story called “A Promise of Paradise” which I came across this highly fascinating blog “Cakeordeathsite” – please visit it!

I find the story absolutely captivating and very intriguingly written. It´s lure reminded me of the works by Kafka and Stephen King.


Here are some little excerpts:

(. . . )

Out on street, though, Alex started to fret. Already he was missing her. He hated not having Sara in his sights. He felt at a loss and incomplete.

Although he had left only five minutes ago he felt a sickening nostalgia for the airless atmosphere of their bedroom.

I really must concentrate he thought. You can’t live on love alone; you have to earn your crust, contribute to society so they’ll leave in you relative peace; be a worker bee, a drone.

(. . .)

His thoughts quickly returned to Sara; these days they never strayed far for long. A vague premonition (aren’t they always vague, but no less disturbing for that?) that her illness was far more serious than either of them suspected haunted his mind. It wasn’t just a cold or flu or some other common or garden ailment. It was something else, some other illness.

(. . .)

Soon he wouldn’t be able to tell where he began and Sara ended.


It´s been exactly the last line that inspired me 😉

To read the whole story, please click on the link above.

Published by Sarah

Artist & Illustrator

30 thoughts on “Ghostly Image – Love

      1. I hope to get round to reading your other stories again soon – so I can start on having ideas for paintings. Haven´t forgotten about it, but didn´t feel quite so well. Wish you a wonderful week!

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    1. Thank you so much, Syeda!
      I´m sure the painting would match a couple of your works just as well, wouldn´t it?;) Please feel free to be inspired:)
      The story is a tough one for sure, but maybe that´s just why I like it…

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