Sepia Sunday – Come Fly With Me

Kopie von IMG_1101

american transport aircraft


… although I very much doubt that this particular aircraft will take off any time soon since its propellers have been removed. 😉

It´s one of several american transport aircrafts still hanging around the “Tempelhofer Feld”, a shutdown airport right in the middle of Berlin that´s now mainly used as a recreation park.

To make this unobstructed shot I had to wriggle my camera and my hands through the densely woven fence. 😉


Wish you all a lovely, sunny sunday!!!


37 thoughts on “Sepia Sunday – Come Fly With Me

    • Thank you very much for adding this information!
      My mom told me stories about that time when the “Rosinenbomber” were the only thing between starvation and survival for her and her family. Can´t tell you how thankful we all were and still are for the support that has been shown to the people of Berlin.
      Have a great day! Sarah

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  1. Cool shot, Sarah. I think it’s great they left the plane there. When I was a lad we lived in one community that had an old Navy fighter as something we could play on. The cockpit bubble was sealed over somehow. We played on it for hours. Good times. Cheers

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    • Thank you sooo much, Chris!! 🙂
      I do agree, it´s wonderful to see those pieces from another era. it´s also a steady reminder that times were very different then than they are now.
      That must have been really awesome to play in an old Navy Fighter!! Wish I had something similar 😉 Cheers!

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