Sepia Sunday – At the lake


North side of the “Kleiner Wannsee” (Little Wannsee), looking west


This sunday I want to share more pictures with you I made during my walk around the “Kleiner Wannsee” (Little Wannsee), the lake where I used to row when I was at high school.

Hope you like them and wish you all a happy Sepia Sunday!! 🙂



Water Gate

I kind of fell in love with this beautiful cast iron water gate…



detail Water Gate


Bonus picture: the rowing club house is the one with the high saddle-roof, we used to change here 😉 The smaller buildings on the left give shelter to the boats.



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  1. The boat house photos remind me of some movie I have seen – hmmm
    And that gate is awesome – and so well made to last this long! I wonder how they stop it from rusting….

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